Newsletter Elckerlyc International

April 2016

In this edition:
1. Shoebox Action

2. Donations to Kibarani School

3. Parking

4. Extra gym

5. Drainage

6. New App


8 February – Chinese New Year
22- 26 February – Spring Holiday
29 February – Study Day – School Closed for International Children
1 March – Back to school .

Shoebox Action

...says a big thank you!

"Because of your shoebox and generous money donations, we have been able to give out lots of gifts. A big thank you!" (Ron Rijnbende)

Kibarani School for the Deaf, Kilifi, Kenya

I would like to thank all the children and
parents who actively participated in the sponsored reading during our annual Book Week in October. Work has started at Kibarani School for the Deaf. The furniture in group 1 is very old and falling apart. In agreement with class teacher, we decided to have new tables and some storage cupboards made by a local carpenter in Kilifi. 2 cupboards are being made and will be delivered to the school very soon. Measurements of the tables were taken yesterday. I will keep you posted on further developments. Once again, thank you all very much. Winnie


In the last weeks we have seen an improvement in parking during drop off in the morning. Thank you! There are still a few persistant offenders but we hope this behaviour will change soon.

Extra gym

Ms. Ginny – Gym Teacher, is once again busy planning extra sports activities.. Make sure you check her mails regularly and reply quickly as her clinics fill up quickly. A dance clinic will be starting shortly. All extra activities are proving popular with
our younger children, Perhaps you can check with an older child and let us know via the app what sport
activities they would be interested in.


The playground has had a major overhaul to make sure that we in the future not have problems with major puddles. The work took the best part of the day and the plumbers did not have the best weather conditions, however they succeeded in laying extra piping to ensure that we do not in future suffer from wet feet when entering the playground after heavy rainfall.

New app
Most parents will by now be aware of the new school
app. It is currently being amended to
suit our needs. If you have any useful tips, please do not
hesitate to let us know.