Newsletter Elckerlyc International

April 2016

In this edition:
1. Train like an astronaut - LIft off!
2. Avond 4 daagse
3. Invoices
4. King's Sports day

22nd April - King's Sportsday
23rd April - 8th May - Spring Holiday
16th May - Holiday School closed
18th May and 25th May Football tournament

Train like an astronaut

Mission accomplished

Lift off!!

Group 5 have completed their Mission x Space Project. They have worked hard to improve their fitness levels by carrying out physical activities ranging from burpees to ball and balance skills. They have learned about how the human body works and how an astronaut prepares for a space mission. The highlight of their project was meeting Andre Kuipers.

Avond 4 daagse

On 6th,7th, 8th and 9th of June your child can join in with the Avond 4daagse – a tradition of walking
together over a distance of 5 or 10 kms. The younger children can also opt for two evenings rather than 4. Enrollment will be possible in the aula after the May holiday.


Thank you to parents who have already paid the deposit for next year. We would appreciate your prompt attention if you have yet to do so. The deadline for the initial 50% is April 30th.

King's Sportsday

Today the whole school has been involved with the King's Sportsday. We had a great deal of fun!!

Happy holidays
Have a great May holiday - see you all back safe and sound.